Alright onto a very sensitive topic. I find that procrastination affects even those who dislike being unproductive, and with good reason. I think procrastination is a sign or symptom your body puts into effect when you’re overworking yourself. I mean yeah some people procrastinate for no apparent reason, but deep inside, there’s something bothering them.

Some say the word “Procrastination” is simply a fancier term for the word “Laziness”. You know what, I think they’re right. Being lazy by definition means being sluggish, slow or not wanting to move at all. Which just justifies my theory. Your body is too unstable both physically or mentally for optimum performance.

Sure I might just be trying to justify my laziness on rainy days or even days before examinations, but why not? There just has to be a reason behind all the sudden episodes of laziness in my life. And I just happened to think of one possible explanation.


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